Solar Professional Services, LLC - Phil Friedman - Solar Consulting - Serving Colorado's Northern Front Range
Solar Professional Services, LLC - Phil Friedman - Solar Consulting - Serving Colorado's Northern Front Range
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SPS Site Assessment Brochure (PDF)

Solar Assessments

Site Assessment For Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Electric Energy Systems

Site, Installation, Energy, Financial Analysis, & Purchasing Consultation


Work with clients to help them determine if and how a solar photovoltaic system might fit into their site, building, budget, and environmental goals.

Site Evaluation

After initial contact, a visit to the client’s site occurs with the primary task of conducting an assessment for the feasibility, installation requirements, and preliminary costs of installing a PV system on a home or business. The site visit takes about two hours and involves discussions with client, viewing and/or accessing the roof, reviewing possible locations and configurations for the PV modules, and ensuring there is ample space and an acceptable physical location for the inverter, (and batteries, if specified), electrical components and other balance of system (BOS) components. Energy efficiency and conservation aspects of the site and building are weighted strongly and are an integral part of the assessment.

System Evaluation

Included are recommendations on which system and manufacturer products are best along with assistance in selecting and sizing a system that meets the client’s budget, fits available roof space, and provides environmentally clean power.

Financial & Environmental Evaluation

Depending whether a Basic or Advanced assessment is chosen various levels of financial aspects such as payback time, dollars invested, return on investment, and internal rate of return, etc. are reviewed. Various environmental benefits, such as reductions in carbon footprint are considered and calculated.

Report & Consultation

After completion of the above tasks, a written report is sent to the client and depending whether a basic or advanced assessment has been contracted, either a telephone follow-up consultation or a second follow-up site visit occurs.

Bid Evaluation

As a separate service, bid evaluations by the client’s chosen solar installer(s) are reviewed with recommendations on which system, manufacturer, and installer might prove best and most cost effective.

Project Management

As a separate service, project management and liaison with chosen installer and the utility service provider can be arranged.